Gig was cancelled by Seller (after 3 months)


I posted my gig and selected a seller for the creation of an animation video. After several messages and paying €220 for the creation of a 2mins video (originally 1,5) I was waiting for 3 months for the creation. Asked many times about the status and received several promisses and a few ‘stills’, but never got the animation video. And now the seller cancelled it without notice! And now my cash is held by Fiverr… what to do? I do not have the option to review the seller, because he never delivered!


You should contact Customer Support regarding your refund, but as for the review, you cannot review sellers who never delivered work to you, as this would probably lead to an abuse of the system. I’m sorry to hear this happened to you, but unless you want to pay €220 for the chance to leave a bad review, it would be best to move on.


Contact the Support by clicking here:
Tell them everything you told us here. Other than that, there’s not much you can do.


This is a MAJOR flaw in the Fiverr system. This is a peer to peer on demand platform, with only reviews as guidelines ( and warranty, if you can call it that). I have had this happen to me a couple of occasions now. Sellers canceling orders on due date. Wasting your time and messing up you schedule. Sad thing is that Fiverr is aware of this practice and they choose not to protect the buyers. WILD WILD WESTS have never been known to last. Just saying


Technically, the “wild wild west” still exists in the southeastern part of the USA (which gave birth to the “Wild West”). Historical reenactors have kept the “Wild West” alive, even to this day.

I know. I used to be historical reenactor. :wink:


Simply report to customer support =)