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Gig was delivered, then extended delivery time to think, now can't accept delivery

Hi y’all,

My second post now on this Fiverr forum of which I thought I would never do.

So recently I contacted a seller and started working on a project with them. It went smooth in the communication and it needed to be done careful as well. I also needed time for making choices for instance, but in the end I got what I wanted.
Last night I contacted the seller again with some “Resolve Issue” thing to extend delivery time.
Reason? I wasn’t sure how to write down my review yet.

Request got accepted, order is now marked as “Order in progress” and no longer can “Approve Delivery” on the one I wanted. This is stoopid and idk other ways to solve this unless waiting for that loong new deadline.

And so this story ends up being in the forum because I feel it has to be mentioned. Very frustrating to deal with this (imo).

If you like the order, then tell your seller to re-send the content. He basically needs to send the delivery again, and you can review it.

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Ok I can try that. :+1: Just hoping it doesn’t bother the seller because we discussed a lot already.