Gig was denied


One of my new gigs I tried to create today got denied, but no reason why.

How do I know what’s wrong with it?

Why is no reason given for it not being approved?


Why is it so hard to get help from support or even here in the forum?

Does fiverr have a phone number to call for support?

I have a few support requests that have not yet been answered.


Hmm, when I had a GIG denied they just left a small comment saying what I was doing May have been against a companies TOS.

Just be patient and wait for your response from customer service. They will respond.


Should I just create a new gig with different wording?

Here is their reason for denying my gig:

Your service may be perceived as misleading, spammy, or illegal

My service is offering to send a solo e-mail ad to over 250k members on dozens of different safelists and text ad exchange sites.

I see lots of other gigs like this, so not sure what the problem is other than maybe the wording of the gig.

By the way, thank you for responding. I was starting to think that there was no one in this forum at all.

Did you happen to see my other request post I made about none of my other gigs showing up when searching for them?


I just read fiverr’s TOS again, and I can’t find anything explaining why my safelist solo ad gig would have been denied.

Should I create it again and word it different?

Maybe it was to similar to other gigs.


Does this forum not have mods that can help?

Every forum that I have been on for a big site like fiverr, has active mods who help users so they don’t have to bog down the support staff. After all, I think that’s the whole point of having a forum anyways, right?

I wish I could read some kind of TOS where it states what types of gigs are allowed, and ones that aren’t because, I have not seen anything at all saying what I can’t offer. All I have to go by is other gigs on the site.