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GIG Was Going Down and Down

Hello fiverr

I am very disappointed with fiverr service. You should to improve your algorithm first specially from sellers side.

Because there are many gig rank with only few reviews and many gig have much review is de-rank day by day.

Please check my profile so you can get my vision.

In my profile I have 4.9 average rating score but my gig was not rank.

My gig was stuck last 12 month’s.

If you don’t give us any chance then how could you know our quality work. We are very experienced designers team.

I have 12 professional designers in my office.

in last 12 months my gig was doing down and down. What should i do?

Should I deactivate my fiverr account? Or start work with other platform?

Because fiverr not give me any chance to grow my profile and serve my talent.

I show many gig is ranked in 1st place if you can compare those gigs and my gig the results Will be same because I also provide high quality work to my clients.

And why only my gig goes down and down?

Why others gig was not going down. I don’t understand this point.

I think you don’t want to give me any chance to prove my talent and quality work.

And I know your answer ready.

Your answer is as usual. It’s all about performance and orders, clients ratings and etc.

In my all messages your answer is only one. Please don’t answer me robotic.

I need actual reason why my gig was not ranking. Before 12 months my gig was in 1st page and I serve thousands of orders with high quality.

And now what happened. You don’t need my talent ?

If you don’t need my talent then please let me know I am very happy to deactivate my account and start work with another platform.

In last i don’t want robotic answer.

My request is please forward my request to your high authority manager. So we can discuss manually.

It’s about my and all my employee’s future. We all depend only on fiverr. Am I also served many satisfying high quality work.

Kindly check my whole profile.

Please improve your algorithm seller side. Each seller need equal chance.

Fiverr give chance to only selected sellers. This is not fare.

I want talk with higher authority. I don’t want talk with robot. He gave me same answer each time.

So I am not satisfied with previous answers.



Fiverr “higher authority” does not read the forums, so, your complaint here is only being seen by other sellers and some buyers. You will also notice if you do a search for what you are complaining about, that this type of thread/question is asked literally dozens of times daily. Fiverr is not going to sit down and discuss with you “manually” which I think would mean one on one or personally, their algorithm and your placement. It is up to you to bring buyers to your profile. Waiting on Fiverr for organic traffic is not a solution.

I would suggest setting up your profile on other platforms. Never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket.



yes you are right but i already do customer support via mail but no any positive response from fiverr team. and thank you for your kind advice.

You’re assuming that is a bug with the algorithm. It isnt.

As we’ve explained many times in the forum, Fiverr has set the algorithm to circulate new sellers to give them a chance to sell. It’s not a bug.

And please stop thinking you are entitled to stay where you are in the ranking. You aren’t and no algorithm works that way because it is a program of conditions that prompts certain actions. Therefore it is dynamic, not static.

Successful businesses focus on things they can control instead of complaining that the marketplace didn’t do them a favour.

Why not create a viable business that will sell regardless of your ranking?


You are right very helpful tips