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Gig was not paused with a full queue

So my 3D model gig was properly displayed as overbooked as the queue is full, but today I’ve got a new order. If that helps, it was a returning buyer, but I had the direct link active turned off.

It seems that the automatic pause doesn’t work properly in come cases. I asked the buyer for the details and they accessed the gig from my profile.

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If I remember correctly, limiting orders in queue doesn’t pause the gig once the queue is full, it just removes that gig from search.


Yes. It does nothing to prevent returning buyers from placing orders or for someone to accept a custom offer you put up 2 weeks ago and forgot about. It’s just to stop new orders from new buyers coming in via search.


Okay, thanks for clarifying. The bug is not the pausing itself, but the wrong description then :slightly_smiling_face:

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All it does is remove your gig from search. For buyers you’re sending custom offers and the buyers who has the link to your gig can place orders.

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I think it’s just another one of those annoying design oversights fiverr has. They introduced this function but didn’t take into account that regular buyers and those you’ve sent a custom offer to have extra buttons available to them to circumvent the limit.

I contacted CS around 3 years ago trying to figure out why the orders were still coming through and since the issue is still there, they don’t see it a problem enough to fix it.

BTW, do check if your gig is back in the search after your queue clears. Because it also might get stuck as hidden after you’re done with the orders.