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Gig was of $5 bit received $4 after autocompletion


I completed the gig the day i recieved it. Buyer didn’t ask for any change. When there were few mintues remaining he asked for a change and then autocompletion took place it was 5:12am on my side so i didn’t know as i was asleep.
Didn’t even received a feedback from buyer.
Is there any way this situation to be solved. And why i received $4 is that due to some penalty?


That is not a penalty at all noor…A $5 gig (buyer pays $5.5) ends up as $4 on your Fiverr account…Its the policy and fiverr worked like that only…

The order will mark auto complete here after three days of delivery if the client don’t ask for modifications…Reviews is optional for client…do not bother if the client do not give the review…just celebrate your $4…


Oh, look. An idiot.