Gig was put in "requires modification"


Wow, this really confused me. I offer drawing pictures, mostly semi-realistic, and when I had trouble with video and asked through support about it, they noticed my gig and marked it as “requires modification”. I was told it might break some copyright of third party. I asked what exactly is wrong, because most of portrait artists put as their example some celebrity portrait. I was told “If you’re using a person’s image or likeness to advertise your own business it’s a form of copyright infringement.” (English is not my native language, so I might failed to understand in this part) and when I asked why so many artists can have it and I can’t, I was just told “There’s nothing wrong with a portrait. Your Gig has been reinstated.” Now it’s okay again.

I think I missed the point? :frowning:


Fiverr’s way of keeping us in check?


It sounds like someone was overzealous and someone else looked at it and went, ‘well, this isn’t an issue’ and reinstated it. It sounds ridiculous and I hope you didn’t lose your search ranking or any potential orders while it was under “review”.


Reply to @rochellereid: Haha, most likely.


The worst customer service I have ever come across when trying to sell something.


Reply to @marsch001: Yeah… well… it was all one guy from Support, he obviously changed his mind in the middle of it.