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Gig went back to last page... Again?

Hello, so I posted 2 threads about this before:

In short, I was top 3 best-selling with 2 of my gigs. Then after they were super successful they just went to the last page overnight and I went from 15 messages and 5 orders a day to 0 message and 0 orders a day. That was for around two weeks and in that time I only received orders from repeat clients.

After two weeks of this random hell my gigs appeared again on the top of the first page and they were top 3 best-selling, again overnight which I do not understand, as they were at the last page with the best-selling filter applied, then they were top 3 best-selling overnight, with me hardly making any sells at the time being (having in mind that my gigs were at literally the last page).

So yeah, everything was back to normal the following week - My gigs were back to their deserved spots which I worked very hard for and everything was working great. That lasted a week and now the same thing is happening - My two gigs went from best-selling and top of the first page, to the last page in their categories, again - overnight…

So, what the hell is happening?

In short, high-performance gigs are tossed back and forth (first/last page) and best-selling filter is absolutely random. May was awful and now June’s following on that!

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Gigs are rotated all the time.

I think Fiverr is doing massive testing …

I was top 3 best-selling since the day I started and I have maintained it constantly over a year. The beginning of May was the first time where I experienced my gigs going to the last page and it’s super ironical because it was after my best month on Fiverr ever.

I think so too. I just hope that it doesn’t put good high-performing gigs and sellers at a disadvantage.

You have been extremely fortunate - took me over a year to get back up somewhere towards the first pages. Everyone gets rotated at some point and this is why it is important to make the most of existing clients. Offer cross sells, additional services etc when you deliver and it improves the chances of repeat clients. You simply can’t rely on staying in the top position and if your business strategy relies on that you will be in trouble at times like this. If you are less busy now, consider making a backup/plan B strategy now while you have the time and implement it.

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Why do you think Fiverr would do it? Majority of the Fiverr’s earnings comes from high performing gigs. If new gigs/ new sellers perform higher than the old/experienced ones than there is a probability that Fiverr can take a chance, else it won’t worth for Fiverr to risk their business. Anyways, Time will tell everything. I hope Fiverr is doing everything in their reach to maintain sellers on their platform who have/had a proven track record of high performance and are currently experiencing “no sales/zero sales”. No business can take such a risk to loose their experienced staff (in this case “sellers”) and depute new ones that know nothing about this platform or are just amateurs or those looking for quick bucks (temporary sellers/migratory birds).

Let’s hope for the best!! :crossed_fingers:

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