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Gig went from god knows what page to the first one

As I see there are quite a lot of topics about someone’s gig going from first to the last page I am quite happy to announce that my gig went from “Nowhere to be found” to the 1st/2nd slot on the FIRST page.

Normally I wouldn’t create a topic like this but when I see how many people make topics around the broken algorithm and use “A lot of people are complaining” argument I feel the need to.

I am a new seller that is on the first page for some time now while my other gig is not doing too well. My 2nd gig was also on the first page but it never did well.

What info I can pull out from this is that Fiverr gives you some exposure that is enough for you to get orders, now if your gig image or something is not as attractive you didn’t use that exposure to it’s maximum and you will end up out of the first page. Why would Fiverr keep you there if people see you and don’t buy from you?

There is not a lot of topics like this because people that get on the first page and do something meaningful often don’t have time to post anything here or don’t even care. While people that use fake photos, fake gigs, fake descriptions, etc don’t get orders, don’t try to improve any part of their skillset or page but they try to find a reason for them not having any orders. Then they come here ranting about broken algorithm even when no one here knows how it is supposed to work.

To finish it:
I registered on Fiverr 2 days before “Analytics N/A” bug so I never saw any of my statistics. Got order a couple of hours before the bug and continued getting orders after the bug. In the time that I am here, I earned: Net Income $388.80 in the niche that I have minimal experience.

Don’t worry about broken algorithms, it most probably isn’t broken. There is no one else to blame for you not having any success here expect yourself.

When you feel the need to post something on here looking for someone to tell you what to do you should immediately start searching google and forum for your answer. I guarantee most of the time you will find it and it is better if you understand the change you are making to your gig than if someone tells you what to do and you blindly do it not knowing what or why you did it. There is no magic buttons here that you have to press to start getting orders, you just have to look at people that are already successful here and use them as a reference.

No idea why I posted this. :upside_down_face:

PS. Sorry for blocks of text I am not really a writer.


Good job! I do feel that you’ve gotten a little lucky and found a long term buyer who’s provided 6 out of your 7 reviews. He boosts your gig to the front page so now others will see it like I saw with your second buyer. Consider yourself lucky, best of luck in the future!

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I mean that is luck. But I had 22 orders and only 7 reviews (6 from the same person), that is misfortunate I think that I have a lower percentage of rated orders than most new sellers.

Also, this is not topic made for me to brag, that is literally the last reason for me making this topic, it is more to be used as a motivation of a sort or a little guide, I don’t know…

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Wow that is misfortunate. That’s an only 31% rated orders compared to the average 80%.

It doesn’t sound like you’re bragging at all, it’s more inspirational to new sellers who complain about never getting orders.

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