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Gig went missing from search results after updating tag and description

Allow me to share my 9 months journey with Fiverr…

I started off offering social media advertising services on April 2019. It started off doing decent, and sales sky rocketed from August till December. I was getting 1-2 orders per day (averaging about $200-$300) per day. Most of the buyers went for my premium package right away

Then on end of December, I decided to hike up my price because I was told out of office was not a good function. So i decided just to raise my price instead

There are still a lot of enquiries coming through but I just replied Im out of office etc. Then moving forward, everything went south starting from February.

I noticed my impression dropped from 12k to 3-4k on a weekly basis. So I decided to change my description and tag. (P.S: My gig was constantly ranked on the 1st page on social media advertising)

So I just made the changes about a day ago, now my gig is missing from page 1. I can’t even find my gig so this raise my concern. Any useful tips are well appreciated here


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how long were you unavailable to take on new clients?

Seems like a very relevant piece of info that you skipped almost completely.

Editing any part of your gig will take it off its current position for manual review, and there’s no guarantee it will return exactly were it was.

But it seems like your troubles started when you needed to take a leave of absence, and you raised prices/started turning clients down.


Check your gig status if it’s active or not from here:

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Thanks for your reply. About 10 days, but I still have pending order during the period and I have been working on those project. Just not accepting new orders

Probably that’s the case, thanks for letting me know

Thanks man, yes it’s active. Just that it went to the last page after i’ve made updates to my gig description and tag. Shouldn’t have done that :confused:

You probably changed the keywords for an effective search…

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You just messed up your keywords. Searching rank depends on keywords. Try to reset previous title and descriptions.

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll just probably leave it for 24-72 hours and see if it ranks better

Update: My impressions are dropping weekly, so I decided to try out different keywords and change up my description. From what I’ve heard, it could take weeks or months to get back in ranking.

Here’s my gig:

Any healthy criticism or advice are appreciated :slight_smile:

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Thanks, the problem is I only updated the description and tags. I do not remember what tags I’ve changed but I only changed 1/5 keywords tag.

I did not make any changes to the title.

Probably, well guess I just have to move on and try to improve my gig. I remembered only changing 1/5 keywords tags