Gig with a video vs no video


Hi again guys,

I was wondering if adding a video presentation to your gig is still a good way to make your gig more visible and appealing to the audience.
I’m curiouse about two things actually:

-if adding video to your gig makes it more visible to potential buyer in the fiverr search;

-if gigs with a video are truly more succesful than the ones without.

Also will be great to hear a buyer’s opinion on what they would choose between the two.

Thank you very much for your help.


Yes, videos can make your gig more visible and appealing to your target customers, but they do NOT guarantee more sales. There is nothing that guarantees sales. You still have to earn your sales and success by developing a strong seller reputation, and offering services that your target customers want (and help them solve a problem).


Hey @jonbaas actually what is the reason for disagree about adding video in gig?(Friendly asking)


I’m also a buyer and I would say that it depends on the service.

  • If I’m looking for an SEO specialist then I don’t care so much about the video
  • If I’m looking for a VA or a writer then it does matter to me.

It also depends on the video

  • I don’t like cheap whiteboard videos
  • I prefer videos that will actually show seller’s skills or videos where the seller is talking in front of a camera

When I added a video to my gigs I did receive a short boost in impressions, but it fades away after a while so you still need to work your @ss off to get sales

Hopefully that helps :wink:


It depends on the service you’re offering, and it depends on the video itself. A bad video is far more likely to make buyers click away and look for someone else than to bring you sales.


I did not say anything about me disagreeing with the addition of videos on gigs. I merely said that adding a video does not, and will not, guarantee more sales. Fiverr does not make any sales guarantees on this site. Nothing you do will guarantee sales. You’ll certainly be able to improve appearance and, maybe even visibility, but you can do nothing to guarantee more sales.


Vluable insight here.


Fiverr gig mechanism is excellent with adding video.


very good tips, thanks… noted kindly


Yaaap. You are right.


I would say create a high quality video to engage buyers and let them know that you are willing to put in work


“It’s better to have a static graphic than a cheap looking party style video”

And to answer your original question. I truly believe adding videos have helped my business.


Adding video contributes more to sales level.


No, it doesn’t. It just makes a gig more interesting, informative, and eye-catching. There are no sales guarantees here on this Fiverr.


Thanks a lot for all your replies guys.I was actually planning on getting a video for my gig from fiverr,since I see there are quite a few sellers offering the service,I’m not quite sure about the overall presentation,quality and overall appeal of the videos.


thank you.I will also add a vedio presentation soon.


200% more sell add a video


More important then video is portfolio.


I recommend you stand in front of the camera and talk. Or even better, check put uxreview’s explainer video gig. I have no affiliation, but as a marketer, i have tested a variety of videos and his are far more professional than any ive seen.


Interesting contributions by both buyers and sellers on the topic. I definitely need to start adding videos to my gigs asap.