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Gig with more views than impressions or clicks


Hello there everyone,

I am not sure if I am posting in the right place, but here it goes.

I created a new gig just yesterday, mainly wanted to improve on it over a couple of days as I am new to Fiverr. I watch my view statistics daily, and what I noticed is that while my first Gig has had 23 views in the first week, my new Gig got 18 views quite literally overnight. The thing is that while the former has 58 impressions, the later Gig has only one.

So what I am wondering about is, if my new Gig has 1 impression, 4 clicks and 18 views, does this mean 14 of my views came from off the site? Could they be just search engine bots or actual “real” views?

Any feedback would be much appreciated, as I am still trying to understand how to interpret this information.

Kind regards,


Honestly - don’t worry about it! :slight_smile:

The only thing that matters is sales - it doesn’t matter where they come from, or what the numbers say.

Get yourself some sales, use buyer requests to start with. The time to investigate your statistics is when you’re not making sales.

Stats need more than a couple of days for the info to be of any use to you anyway.

Good luck!


Hello and thank you for your reply.

You do have a point, but it is also quite hard to make sales when you’re new and have no reviews, buyers on Buyer Requests will prefer more experienced people. And in my case, I have Gigs I don’t see anyone asking for. I think in fact they barely fit the categories they’re in. While this seems good in the long run, It seems like it will be harder to get the first sales simply because no one is specifically looking for that type of service or knows it is there.

Seems like the best option now is to start working on advertising my Gigs on social media.


Have you tried buyer requests yet? If you can put together a good proposal, which can be easily understood by the potential buyer, you’ll be a good bit ahead of many of the BR respondents! :slight_smile:

And yes, social media is a very good idea as well!


Maybe it was you who looked at it all those times?
I rarely look at my stats page at all. It is not really helpful except as a curiosity.


I did try, although I did not get any response so far. And it is also hard to filter through all the people spamming “Hi dear I am engineer I will do architecture work for you”… lol

There are only a couple of genuine new buyer requests daily on my category from what I can see, but most of them don’t apply to what I offer as they’re rendering/animation requests.

That can actually happen? I mean, do our own views count toward the total views in the My Gigs page?




Well that is disappointing… I thought since these statistics are meant to be an aid to the seller, that our own views would be invalid. If I need to edit my Gig several times and preview it, it will add to my views which makes the whole statistic inaccurate in a way.

Thank you very much for the clarification though, this is good to know so I don’t take the numbers literally.


You’re welcome. As I said don’t rely on the statistics as they really are not very helpful overall.