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Gig with video or picture?

Is any influence in the gig using pictures or videos?


When you use a high-quality picture or video, people are more likely to notice your gig. Also, adding a video does help promote your gig and give it more impressions (so long as the video you make is high-quality and relevant).


Both combined
In my gaming video editing gig, I have put a cool video intro, ended by a photo editing I’ve made and that I used as thumbnail.
So yes, I think a video would make a big difference in term of attract people, because it shows you have worked a lot on your gig.


Thank you for your response… I really appreciate it


Wow… what percentage difference is the result?

I don’t know, but for me it sounds obvious, if I wanted to order something on fiverr, I would be way more attracted by watching a video with an epic thumbnail, than a simple border made in powerpoint, for example.


ohh i see… I agree with u :slightly_smiling_face:

What should truly influence your Gig is the quality of work you provide.

If it can be best shared in a photo or video depends on the skill you are selling.

I think you can use any one image or video but mostly video is better than image coz you can explain in video how you will provide the services…:blush:

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firstly add gig image, then you can add video for gig. because gig with video promotes the your gig faster than gig with image.

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Thanks for the response, sir… of course skill more important than just picture or video… but to new member like me… I think the quality of my Gig very important for this because I haven’t get job from fiverr before.

Thank you for the response, sir … I also agree with you