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Gig wont show up in search

I’m very confused why my gig with 163 reviews, 5 star rating, does not show up in search. Its one of the highest reviewed gigs in the niche yet it hasn’t been showing up for the last 2-3 months. I’ve contacted Fiverr Support already but they just send a automated email saying make sure that your gig is listed “active” which it has been active for 3 years. Anyone have any other suggestions on how to reach them?

here is the link to my gig:

Also my account is online 24/7 yet “online seller” option when checked in search doesn’t display my gig, but it displays my other gig that is not even under the same niche. Help???

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I am also facing the same issue from last 2-3 months…

Here is the link:

Please see my gig And let me know where the problem is…

I am sharing my gigs on different platforms.

Please share some tips…

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Same problem I have last 3 months above.
I Contacting CS many times, they did not solve the issue.

I know right, it’s so frustrating! They claim the ticket as “solved” yet they did not solve anything but send out an automatic, common sense, no brainer response.

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That’s because it’s not an issue.

I am removed from search and my gig with 8000+ reviews barely gets 15-20 clicks a day. Customer support will tell you the gig is active and there’s no problem. Gigs are rotating and there’s nothing we can do.

Blame it on Covid, a lot more people came to the platform to create gigs, and Fiverr’s algorithm has to cover everyone. So… they are rotating gigs the best way they can, with newer gigs getting more exposure. That means we, the veterans can sometimes be left behind. And again, there’s nothing we can do.


The fact that they completely removed our gig from search is outrageous.

I have all my gigs removed. Not just one. So it can be worse