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Gig4gig, why not?


Exclusively for fiverr® sellers!

Two users simply do their routines for each other. Really, why not?

Let’s say I start offering a gig where I would take my camcorder, and clean up my local park (or something). Now let’s say another user offers a gig where they would take their camcorder and donate $5 to a homeless person. I could message him and ask “g4g?” If he likes what I have to offer, he would reply positively and we would begin making arrangements for the exchange. This would benefit both sellers as they get more practice perfecting their gig, a review, and the chance for private constructive criticism. This feature becomes even more advantageous if used with a gig you would have considered purchasing yourself anyway.

It would be really cool, and in a way, you would be saving money. What would you do with your non-existent 20% savings?


Two things: Damage public property, yeah that sounds great (insert saracasm) and “fiverr® wouldn’t make a dime” good way to get a gig shut down in a heart beat


Examples are for entertainment purposes only.

I’ve rephrased my closing argument.


I think trading gigs would be a great idea!

Especially for people who use their earned money to buy food, but would still like to experience other peoples gigs as well.

I know I would!


Interesting idea.


I love the idea, it’s intresting :slight_smile:


Nice Idea Though but where will Fiverr earn from…?

Well we can do this like :

An option on gig page shows Gig4Gig, User clicks and Sends request to the gig poster for g4g.

If The Gig poster accepts,they both have to pay $0.5 each as Fiverr G4G Service.

It is like a service that costs $1 and both Traders have to pay the half of it.

Fiverr Gets $1.


Reply to @ozair786934: If you don’t mind I would like to refer to this variation as “Plan B.”


But how would fiverr make any money then


Oranje are happy to help people out :slight_smile:


Reply to @skhan786: By being content with their current earnings.

^ I just visited this topic TODAY and THIS reply was still here written as it was from God knows when. Wow fiverr, solid team.

Right, so, we’ve all had a year (give or take a few months, call it a school year) to mull the idea over. Any word?


I would love this idea (trading gigs). I as a student don’t really have enough extra money to order gigs I want, so it would be awesome solution.


Reply to @ynneblack: :slight_smile:

Anyone else? #TBT topic time!