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Gigs across timezones / late replies?

This might be an obvious one but I’ll ask it anyway:

I live in the UK (the first order I had was from the UK), in the last few weeks I’ve been getting messages from people on the east coast of the US, the problem is that when they message me I’m either going to be or already asleep; which means it takes me 8 to 10hrs to reply to them which looks really bad on my profile.

Am I doing something wrong?


Not at all! You’re answering as quickly as you can - you can’t predict where in the world your messages are going to come from, or when they will arrive.

Fiverr usually indicates to a buyer before they send a message that it is night time in the recipient’s country and they may be asleep, so they’ll be expecting a delay before you reply.

Whatever you do, please don’t subscribe to the ‘stay online 24 hours’ stuff - it’s just not practical. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, and don’t worry I don’t do that crazy 24hr stuff.

I was only thinking about it because people don’t reply and I’ve been assuming it’s because I’ve been replying so slowly…

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If I get an inquiry in which the person seems impatient, I apologize for the “slow response due to time zone differences.” I’ve had to gently explain to a couple people that I do not actually work at 2 AM. In general, people seem to not care that I sometimes answer 6 hours after they message me. It doesn’t matter for the site as long as you are under 24 hours. You’re fine!


I thought that before but I just wanted to make sure, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi! I also live in the UK and deliver primarily to US buyers. It may be worth putting in your gig description that the difference in time zones may affect reply rate. I’m my experience people don’t really care unless they’re looking for an urgent delivery… but those buyers are sometimes best avoided anyway :zipper_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue:


Hello, i live in Greece and most of my buyers are from USA. I inform them about this problem and tell them that i am answering as soon as i can. They are all very kind and they understand this problem. Dont worry about it. In my opinion you must let them know when they contact you. Good luck

Maria S.


Thanks, I’ll do that :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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You would think there would be a way to reconise timezones in the back end most of my buyers are USA based also maybe a suggestion to put forward?

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Yes, that may be a good idea.