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Gig's "Additional Hour" extra

Hello there!

I recently found, that there is an option to charge potential buyers some extra when they require more than 1 hour of work. I went below in the “pricing” tab and added some extra charge if a buyer would need me to work more than 1 hour on his/her project.

But soon after that, I received an order for 7 hours of work and I found that no extra fee for every additional hour was included. By placing the order, a buyer just chose 7 in the “quantity” field of the gig and that’s how he ordered 7 hours of work for the basic hourly rate.

Then I had a few more orders for which the buyers placed one gig and added X quantity so that I was needing to work every additional hour for the cost that is calculated for one hour of work.

I kindly appreciate if someone could share an experience on how to allow buyers to place a gig only once (Qty: 1, and no more), and then if he/she needs to hire me for more than 1 hour, forward that buyer to the “additional hour” extra option.

I found, that almost nobody wants to pay extra for every additional hour of work, because they could just choose a quantity up to 20 for every gig for standard cost… But in this case, there is no sense in the “additional hour” extra, isn’t it?

Thank you!

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Hi, Its possible to increase the funding using a function “Offer More Extras”
Look at the bottom of the order page.
There should be Plus button labeled “Offer More Extras” like below screen shot.

And then you can set the extra money to charge and description for that.
For example like this.

If you click on Send button, the request sends to the client. Once your client accept the request, you can work more hours on same order.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you very much for your advice! I will use this. But what should I do with buyers, who have never talked to me and are placing orders without its pre-discussion? By placing the order, they chose quantity 2, 5, or even 7 and I can’t nothing to do with that. I want they to use “additional hour” option so that each additional hour costs them not $15 (like I charge for one-hour orders only), but $25.

When someone asks for something that is out of scope of what they paid for, I politely give them an ultimatum:

Either accept a resolution to adjust the price and scope to satisfy what they are looking for or I will only do what is included in what they ordered.

The odd time this has happened to me, they usually chose the resolution to increase the price. Sometimes it’s simply an oversight.

If you find people keep ordering out of scope, there are a number of possible explanations:

-Your gig prices are too low and thus you are attracting cheapskates who are trying to see what they can get away with

-The people who would want to pay for the extra time don’t hire on Fiverr to get that done

-People don’t understand how long things take to do

-Your scope has confused them

Personally I don’t bill by hour anywhere. You tend to make less money doing it this way. Personally I would find a way to charge by project instead. Marketplaces are better built for that, anyway.

The other issue with your approach is that it doesn’t contractually protect you from people trying to get work for free. Your scope should be the deliverables, not the time you spend. Otherwise they could argue to Fiverr that they shouldn’t have to pay it and Fiverr would probably agree. Always make sure your contract is indisputable. That’s how you protect yourself.

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Thank you very much for recommendations! Sounds very helpful. I will try to follow it.