GIGs Advertisement vs Buyer Request


Good Day,

I am Zubair a level-2 seller here and earning 30% of my income through fiverr… I am concerned about my GIGs, as 80% of my orders come from Buyer Request section or through old clients, new clients do not approach frequently, that makes me concerned about my GIGs I would like to take help from @blaisefaint and other fellow seller if they could have a look at my GIGs suggest some TIPs for improvement. I do not have strong social media circle where I could share my GIGs.

Thanks in Advance for your Help.


Dear Zubairfb:

I’d be happy to take a look at your Profile and one of your gigs, but I’d like to ask you to help me out by demonstrating that you’ve gone through the checklist and implemented some of the key ideas.

For example, if you read my posts, you’ve probably noticed that I ask people over and over how they prefer to be addressed, and yet I don’t see that information in your post or on your profile page.

Rather than have me go through your information with the same things that I’ve said many many times over, you would help yourself and me out a lot by going through the checklist, applying the relevant information, and then asking me to take a look at it.

If you had done that, your profile image would show you smiling, all of your gigs would have videos, all of your gigs would have 3 images, and so on.

If you do these things first, then I might be able to give you more helpful advice, if I’m not using my energy to advise you to do the same things available in the checklist:

Please understand that as a general rule, I look at a Seller’s Profile and one gig one time.

My first impression is that your log line, “I am a Gentleman, I work with Gentlemen,” is costing you at least half of the business available on Fiverr.

To my eyes, it just says, “I don’t work with women.”

IF that’s really what you mean to say, then please understand that women probably think you don’t want to work with them and men who are feminists are probably choosing not to work with you because they consider that unprofessional.

Otherwise, I suggest you change it to something that does not reference gender in any way.

Good luck,


As I’m neither @blaisefaint nor a gentleman I guess you’re not interested in any advice I have to offer - but why do most of your gigs have top seller or trusted seller banners? What does top seller mean?

Hey, @djgodknows - I think we’re in need of a ‘gentleman for gentlemen’ photo from your collection (yes, I know how that sounds)


For @capitalquality:


Maybe he means, he only works with GENTLE people…:panda_face:


@capitalquality: You beat me to it. :smile:


lol, I guess I should change the line, for the time being for an advice from you guys… That line I think helps me filter bad buyers, I had to suffer from a bad buyer only once and I changed it then…


I always love your sarcasim especially when you upload some :slight_smile:


Thank you so much… I will apply the above said changes and will come back to you again… Yes, next time I will be specific…


Dear Zubairfb:

I concur that “I am a Gentle Person, I work with Gentle People” would be an improvement over the original, but in my humble opinion, you would be wise to come up with something completely different.



@blaisefaint: Ha, ha, ha! This thread is cracking me up! My entertainment for the evening.

I am not doubting that @zubairfb is a gentleman but the 2nd half - well, that’s something new on Fiverr. I’m not sure what I would do, if I ran across that line. :grinning:


Dear Gina:

With all due respect, I disagree with your statement, because in reading this thread, you DID run across that line, so now, to know what you would do, all you need to do, is to REMEMBER what you did when you ran across that line.

So, in this case, there’s no need to send a carrier pigeon to The Mike Tyson Mystery Team, because, hey, mystery solved.

What I’m wondering is what you would do if you ran across the line, “Have Blender, Will Render.”

(Which is my way of inviting you to start doing what I do, which is provide detailed feedback in the Improve My Gig section of the Fiverr Forum. I believe that @zubairfb has settled the issue of whether he is willing to work with women, and like “Gentlemen,” “fellow seller” was not meant to exclude women from his request for that type of assistance.

Seriously, I have several people who have asked me to look at their gigs a second time, but I think they would all benefit MORE from your perspective as an active Buyer on Fiverr.)

@capitalquality is clearly welcome to offer additional feedback as well.

The same goes to other fellow and mellow sellers, gentlemen, gentlewomen, and gentle others…

Good luck,


I wasn’t trying to insult anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings. If I did, I do apologize.

As a clarification, I have not come across that line in a gig - only read it on this thread.


@gina_riley2 I have changed it lol…


@blaisefaint: I have no idea what that means. I’m guessing that is part of your gig?

@zubairfb: When I said it was my entertainment. I wasn’t laughing at you, just how the whole thing played out. I think people may have taken that the wrong way.

  • I will tuck my head and go away for the evening now that I have unintentionally insulted whole bunch of people. *


I did not change it because I felt insulted… I am happy it cracked people up…Keep enjoying Forum and threads…


Dear Gina:

I have a dry sense of humor. Not everyone gets me. I certainly didn’t take offense at anything you said.

I was serious about suggesting that it would be great for you to give Sellers feedback when they ask for it in threads like this.

Good luck,


Dear Zubair:

Unfortunately, you’ve fallen victim to Fiverr’s war on punctuation.

Now the issue with your log line is that grammar sticklers may not realize that the reason you left the ’ out of “Let’s Design” is because Fiverr does not allow punctuation in log lines.

(Text must contain only letters, numbers and (,!:’).).

I suggest you go back to the drawing board and find a log line that does not require punctuation marks.

[Rassin’- frassin’- Fiverr!]

Good luck,


Thank you so much, you are a great Help, I will follow the above basic advice and will come back soon…


Well, I don’t have that line and I have had hardly any bad buyers. :slight_smile: