Gigs against Fiverr policies!


Hello everyone! :slight_smile::earth_africa:
I have a question… I used to have a gig that’s called “buy to you anything you want online” and they declined it
Also I’m trying to add a new gig which is “send to your Paypal account money” but Fiverr never accept it.

Is it against Fiverr policies these kind of gigs?:thinking:



Have you read the Terms of Service at all?


Yeah, I read it before 2 years.
That was the last time.


you may want to read it again. I’m betting the words “Paypal” was a no no.


Well what about not “Paypal” but online shopping?


Because they accepted my gig for a while and people ordered it but then they denied it.


there’s quite a few gigs that were okay but aren’t anymore.
You could ask customer service if what you want to do is okay so that you don’t get any more gigs shut down.


Yeah, I will.