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GIGS analytics not showing up

Hi, people, I am new here and since the day I joined this platform, I am not able to see how my gigs are faring. I am worried because I haven’t got any orders, however, despite the fact that I saw one of my gig to fare on the first page. I know others are also facing this problem but I am worried so I don’t know what to do…


@somnathisolux This is a Fiverr bug. ASAP Fiverr team fixes this issue.

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This issue is from more than 25 days we all are worried

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There is no issue, it just doesn’t display, relax, not “everyone is all worried” just a select few who don’t like to read the pinned issue at the top of the forums.

My gig had 12K impressions when this issue started. I used to get 2-3 message everyday before this. Now I don’t get any message from a new client. Is this related to this issue?

It’s exactly what happened to me, i had regular clients before the bug, i won a prize i putted a better portfolio video and now i don’t have any client since 3 weeks. Do you think is there something being covered? I’m worried because everything was going well and now it couldn’t be worse.

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