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Gigs and fiverr and traffic

Hi all. I am new member here even i know for fiverr long time just regstered few days ago. Here is thing as many other post before me. I made in 2 days after join 5 sales from 750 impressions on 1 gig abt 35clicks. All positive and best rating. After this my gigs nowhere to be found on search and i get few impressions. i dont know fiver search how works, for me its ok if long term ppl and best sellers are at top i dont mind but my gigs are complete gone. So i think what is use of fiverr if they hide me from search and not send me traffic so we and them profit from sales. why woud i promote own gigs and leave someone 20% if i can drive trafic to gig i would promote my own website.

i think no gig should be hidden let users browse thousand od gigs until choose which to buy, but not like this i see 40-50gigs and nothing more whatever i try new gigs recommended high rating its nowhere all same results… i didnt contact support as people say they not respond about this but i hope this get better some time in future