Gigs and Requests Being Cancelled


Ok, so I know the academic misconduct rules. However lately I’ve had my requests and orders canceled because they are assuming they are school assignments which they are not. I’ve made that clear but they canceled it. Top it off they put that deposit in my Fiverr account instead of putting it back to my PayPal. If I can’t order what I need here I don’t need the money on here. Why is Fiverr assuming now? I’ve been ordering things like this for the last 2 years which were completely within the rules and all the sudden they want to say it’s against the rules which it’s not academic misconduct this will not be turned into a school or university or anything so why are they canceling my orders?! This specific order is for a writing club.


That’s in the Terms of Service. You get the refund as Fiverr credit, to be used for the next purchase.

You can contact Customer Support and ask them to send your funds back to your PayPal account. They will do it a limited number of times, though.


That’s a breach of ToS and would result in account closure.

Much better just to ask CS if it can be returned to PayPal.


Yeah it would be but if this is the new Fiverr, I don’t really care to be here anyway. I’ll request it but know what I need to do if they don’t.


Then they should give someone his money back if they ask for it.


That’s what they do.


Ah right… I stand corrected :slight_smile:


Yeah, this seems to be a common theme here on Fiverr. I just had one of my gigs taken down due to “academic misconduct”. They tried to say I was taking part in helping students with their homework. I was flabbergasted, to say the least. I haven’t made any sales yet on any of my gigs, and nowhere does it say I will do homework! If I haven’t made any sales, that means I haven’t done any work, so how exactly could I have taken part in academic misconduct if I literally haven’t done anything???

I get that they’re trying to crack down on this sort of thing, but I think common sense is being thrown out the window here.