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Gigs are being constantly shuffled around in the listings


I was looking for some of my gigs to see where they are in the search fields and noticed that each time I refresh the page, my gigs appear in different positions.

They move from the second page up to the first page and all over the first page with each refresh of my browser. Has anyone else noticed this and if so why do you think it is happening?


I have noticed this too. Probably due to the (dare I say it!) algorithm.


Wash your mouth out! :wink:


Yes me too noticed… if you write "catch phrases " in the search am the 3rd in a 1st row… and some time 1st…the algorithm is doing somethng… :slight_smile:


However a few select gigs sit on that top row all the time without changing or simply jump from the top row to the second row and jump around just on the top two rows. From looking at when they get reviews it does not look like they are doing a lot of business either.


Yes very true am on the top but not gettng that much order like the gig is worth at the top… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m puzzled by how simply refreshing my browser can move my gigs around, as well as the other gigs.


it also depend on the Favorite :heart: icon that how many people made it favorite…and the gig placement wll change


It’s been said a few times that favourites make no difference to gig rankings - unless you know differently…? :slight_smile:


I don’t think this has anything to do with it. Just being favorited does nothing as far as getting sales.

It has to do with sales your gig gets. Supposedly although there are plenty of gigs getting no sales that stay on the first page… so it remains a mystery.


This is true regarding sale…but am i have experinced regarding Placement of your gig… if some one gig have more favorites he will be above you… either you have more sale them him… But sometime not working… :slight_smile:


I have also been looking at tags of gigs on the first page and see no real formula for that either.


What would number of favorites do? You could have a million people favorited your gig and zero sales on it. That is just a bookmark for your convenience.


Fiverr is a Mystery… So many thngs they are considering… :slight_smile:


I hope we can discuss this rationally although so far I can’t come to any type of understanding of how search works or gig placement.


Yup i know that…but previously one of my friend gig and mine were same orders…and when i see the listing he was above me despite i have 2 more sales then him…then i saw his gig favorites he have more favorites then me… after a day i few buyers made me favorite then again i see i was on the top from my friend and ths time my favorites were more… Thats why i eperimented… But Fiverr is a mystery Who Know… :slight_smile:


@zmari_chamba Well you may be right then who knows?

Anyone want to favorite me and notice where my gig is before and after you do that? :smiley:


Yes and it works some how so normally i ask the buyer if they like my gig favorite them… not sure about new orders but sure about the listing it can make you at the top from others that are at your level… :slight_smile:


…with fire :scream:

Oh, well, now the entire algorithm is purely based on luck and random seeds. Why bother with complex algorithms, when one can easily throw in some random() ? :smiley:

There won’t even be any discussion about placement - it’ll be random :smiley:


It continually shuffle gigs like the lottery balls in the drum.