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Gigs are denied why?

Why my all gigs are denied after changing the fiverr account password.I’m really worried about it .My first level badge also disappear from my account and red tagline shows your account is currently restricted what does it mean?I seriously can’t understand all what happen with me :cry::cry:

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Only CS can help:

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Contact with support immediately. Your account is restricted. :disappointed:

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Don’t worry @semab123 , for now you have to contact CS. But please don’t delete any gigs. After sometimes fiverr will automatic re-enable your account. It happends with my friend.


Cs suggest me about change of password of my account.After changing it yesterday my account is still restricted but tomorrow red tag line is disappear but the problem is about my gigs and first level badge which is still not active:disappointed:.I completed 30 orders with 98% rating .

Now is the perfect time to contact Cs. You have to show them the a screen shot with your L1 badge. Told them everything about the problem & request them nicely to return your badge.Thank You.