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Gigs are down since two months

I’m facing this issue for 2 months All of My gigs are in the most bottom search results for more than 2 months. I have completed 5 orders with 5-star ratings, done SEO and made a lot of changes in the gigs but they are still at the last pages of search results. I’m not getting orders from Fiverr for 2 months. I’m very disappointed. I was on the first page 2 months ago but after some late deliveries, my gigs got rank down. Please give me suggestions

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Well there you have it.

Fiverr’s search algorithm buried your gigs because you were underperforming.

There’s no SEO method to bump you back up. As you would need orders AND deliver them on time to show the engine you are now capable.


I have completed 5 orders with 5 star rating recently from old client But still no change in gig ranking.

It takes more than merely this amount to get back to where you were.

When you are facing delivering an order late remember what happened the last time this happered and put in the work needed to get your delivery in on time.

Plus there are definitely counter measures for having a friend purchase 4-5 gigs and leave 5-star reviews.

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:scream_cat: No! That would be review manipulation and is very much against Fiverr’s TOS!

In addition when friends do that they must spend money to purchase gigs from each other! :money_with_wings:


Thanks alot for your comment

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