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Gigs are "exploding" with stats, but can't get any order

Welcome to my topic! So I already have a few active gigs which are all doing really well in stats (2 without even promoting). 1st 2 are created before I think over a month now and they are the most successful if you don’t mind take a look:

1 -->
2 -->

Like I said those are gigs with the most Impressions, Clicks, and Views. I’m not sure what am I doing wrong so I would really appreciate any feedback!

In your neon logo gig the resolution it says for the premium package ultra high res is the same as the standard package medium high res

Ultra 500x500 and/or 1920x1080 neon logo [for ultra high res designed neon logo]
Medium 500x500 and/or 1920x1080 …negon logo designed by me

Also maybe check the spelling on the gig/package descriptions (see above).

Since your profile says “Need a photoshop expert?” and you’re in the top 10% on the test for it, you could also create a more general photoshop gig. I’m not sure about the Groot gig - there might be problems if it’s trademarked/copyrighted. If might be okay if it’s a parody but if it’s not there could be issues with it. It might be safer to remove that gig and try other things in its place.

For the sketch gig, if they need to send a paper background for the basic gig, you could try removing that condition to help get orders and reviews. ie. you could use one of your paper backgrounds like in the standard package, at least until you’ve had some orders with the gig. Also for that gig I’d probably reword “1/2 subject” to “1 or 2 subjects” just to make it clearer. Also for the sketch gig, if you make the aspect ratio of the main image more like 1.619:1 it will show better on the profile page without cropping so much.

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First thank you for your feedback @uk1000 !

For the neon logo gig, those “Ultra” and “Medium” are just names for the package because you are getting a high-resolution file in both packages but in Premium you are getting all versions (which is excepted because it’s the most expensive). I changed the description of all 3 packages so you can see again if you want to.

About the general photoshop gig, yeah sure I could but I don’t know (at least currently) what could or should I do that is not too similar to other gigs, so I can stand out at least for something especially for general gig. I have deleted the Groot gig, I wasn’t thinking about copyright problems. Thank you for that!

Huh, never thought about removing that condition. But yeah I’ll do it and see if that will help the gig. Plus I did the “1 or 2 subjects” thing. Only 1st picture on the sketch gig had cropping problems, I think the other is fine, but buyers will as best I can do with the sketch and resolution.

Again, thanks for the reply! I’ve made all the changes as I said.

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I’d probably change the part of the package description where it says “ULTRA HIGH-RES NEON LOGO” and “MEDIUM HIGH RESOLUTION NEON LOGO” or maybe just remove the Ultra/Medium bit because it might be a bit confusing (they might think they refer to different resolutions) and the packages already say “basic/standard/premium” above the descriptions.

Also if you place the mouse over the words “High Resolution” (just under “Logo Transparency”) it says “The file will be delivered in a high resolution suitable for print” (at least 2000 px, 300 dpi)". I assume they mean at least 2000 pixels in either or both axis’. The standard and premium packages both have “High Resolution” checked but neither mention >= 2000 pixels - in width/height - assuming Fiverr doesn’t mean total pixel count instead (the max the packages mention is 1920x1080).

I’ll see what I can do, maybe I could uncheck High Resolution box on Standard package and remove “high resolution” in the name so it would be “Medium Neon Logo” but options are 500x500 and/or Full HD (1920x1080). Then “Ultra high-res neon logo” would make much more sense, because it would include all plus 2000x2000 if that’s what High Resolution box is saying when checked?

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