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Gigs are hide from search results

Hello everyone,
Do you have any experience with hiding all gigs from the search results without any lower performance?

I had performed well in the category all time but unfortunately, gigs are lost from the search result 2 months ago. I still don’t know what is the reason and hope there is have seller the same thing happening.

Only can find the gig when use filter like ( country, level ) otherwise gigs are not showing in any of 21 pages in the keyword search in my keywords.

Thank you,
Hope you will share your experience with me.

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Hi. I think fiverr shows you the best gigs for “you” and will not always show YOU your gigs. I have great performing gigs but I don’t see them when i search for their keywords. I don’t think it is an issue. To get your gig in front of clients in this very competitive platform there are few things to be done onsite it and offsite.


My gig is shown on the search result in the past 6 months but it hides from the search when I performed very well. Can you give some advice about what to do onsite and offsite.?

Hi. You need to get your hands on good onsite and offsite SEO guide.There is a lot to be done. It is all about SEO and marketing.
On site.: study your niche and your competition… spy and scale… what other competitors are doing? what you can give more? or for less… Do your keyword research and use the best exact KW in title and description… with no spam!
Off site: share your gigs, write press, blog articles…citation…guest post…if you get some money do social ads promotion ( engagement is very cheap and great source/ conversion is high priced and mainly not needed!)

Also keep your buyer VERY happy.If you can deliver a good bonus also. may be free basic gig. After the gig completion even if the buyer complete the order, fiverr still ask him in private about the service ( which you don’t see)
Was your basic gig always 10$? I always advice to make a 5$ basic gig even at no profit!! and scale

I wish you the best!

Thank you, I think issue is fiverr algorithm hided my whole account from the search. Anyway I will try with some off site SEO strategies.