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Gigs are not found in search result?

Hello Fiverrians ,

I am facing a problem about my gigs that are not found in search result.

Can anyone face that type of problem ?

Suggest me what to do for that !!

Thanks for response :slight_smile:



I’ll tell you what I tell everyone asking this question: Please be patient.

It can take up to 24 hours for new gigs to show up in the Fiverr search.

@jonbaas But my gigs are not new …I have some rating on it.
than why that happening ?

any suggestion or experience ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If your gig is new then it will take some time…
Otherwise you must take some changing in your gig and tag your gig according to your gig.
What is your service according to that service you must tag your gig and select that category

It also depends on what you mean by “search.” If you mean, can people find me when selecting a particular category via the menu, well, there’s no guarantees. And back in April, fiverr made a change where a seller only gets one visible gig per category. Gone are the days where if you had several gigs in one category that they’d all show in the same view.

Now if you mean that you can’t find your gig in a keyword search, that’s different. There is a bug there, at least use to be, where gigs might not ever show. If this is what you are experiencing, let me know, or lookup my posts and you’ll see where I posted about my experience and how to fix it.


I have had that experience. I opened a ticket with customer service and they gave me a BS response to promote my gigs, etc. So I waited a week or so and searched again, still did not find it. So I reopened the ticket. This time I got a very honest person on the helpdesk who admitted that they were deliberately blocking that particular gig from showing up in search results. I can promote it myself and I can accept sales from it if someone happens to see it in my profile, but if someone just searches for it in a general search category, it will NOT show up. Isn’t that just bizarre?

I don’t really understand why - I’m a Level 2 seller with terrific feedback, and the gig is nothing bad, or even anything particularly unusual. It says “I will make you a Pinterest rockstar for $5”. And I go in and fix up people’s Pinterest accounts. I’ve had a couple of orders on it, but I can tell by the very low stats that it definitely is not searchable. I wonder if that’s what’s happened to your gig also?


@smart_gun I don’t see anything obvious on yours so @jonbaas may have been right that you just didn’t wait long enough. Fiverr has been known to deny some gigs that offer to help a student cheat but it’s hard to judge on those type of gigs. There is such a difference between tutoring or helping vs. doing homework for someone and it seems like Fiverr editors vary a lot on how to decide on those. Lots of people offering homework help do show up in search, so unless there are complaints I doubt you would automatically be dropped.

Thank you so much @fonthaunt @agentil @tsweezey @aaliachuhdary for your kind response :slight_smile:

Is there any condition or terms in gig search result ?
anyone who faced up this problem , share why my gig is not showing in search ?


Reply to @agentil: Hi Adrian. I’m getting to your post first just because it’s fairly easy to respond to and I haven’t looked at the OP’s gigs yet. If your first response from CD (that you called a BS response) was that your gig was not in Fiverr’s editorial focus, that isn’t unusual.

What they are trying to say (whether they do it well or not) is that some gig types aren’t automatically denied yet, but are no longer something Fiverr openly supports via search. They have a legitimate reason for doing this and in time I would guess that most or all social media promotion gigs will be denied. Many already have been.

The reason Fiverr is doing this is that third party sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have been turning in complaints to Fiverr claiming that buyers or sellers have violated the third party site’s Terms of Service. If Fiverr gets a direct complaint, the gig is likely to be removed. Any gig related to third party sites has a high chance of being dropped out of search to avoid the chances of complaints.

That doesn’t meant that your gig(s) are actually in violation for certain, it just means that those type of gigs have resulted in overall issues for Fiverr editors. If the OP has gigs that are related to 3rd party sites, any kind of traffic, “spun” articles or articles stuffed with keywords poorly, and so on - they are probably in the same boat. The best thing to do is just work on the gigs that don’t fall in these categories and work toward eliminating the gigs that may be denied later.

Reply to @smart_gun: Many things affect location in search as well as whether or not a gig will even be there. Fiverr doesn’t release the criteria but you can spot hints here and there. Some things that might affect ranking could include numbers on sales, positive reviews, recent vs. old delivery dates, page views and conversions, etc. Having a new gig can give you a short term search ranking boost. I’ve heard that good gig videos can give you a boost along with good unique images, unique samples, etc.

If a gig type is not a direct rule violation but either gets complaints from buyers (ex. some traffic gigs,) from other sites (ex. social media,) or isn’t a gig type Fiverr encourages anymore - it probably won’t be in search for long or maybe ever. Examples of gigs that aren’t in Fiverr’s editorial focus include Amazon, Yelp or other paid reviews and gigs that offer high numbers of site visits, likes, votes, etc.