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Gigs are not getting impressions yet

second gig also uploaded but not getting impressions.feeling sad.

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Are you on your gig search pages? see
If your gig does not appear on search pages
No impressions.
If your gig does not appear on search pages.
Notify fiverr customer support service.


my gigs are getting impressions but a little bit.
I am not satisfied with that.and hoping for an order.
wish you would visit my profile.

Maybe you could try changing some of your SEO words and give it a day to compare if you get more impressions that way. Other than that you just gotta give things time and test to see what setups/words attract more attention. Don’t let it get you down!

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thanks a lot…wish you visit my profile.
Thank you

Promote your gigs on social media networks.

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thank you so much friend

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