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Hey everyone on this lovely forum,

I have been making gigs for around 4 months now, I have made many gigs regarding web development. Right now I got 2 active gigs and deleted my other gigs. I would love some tips & tricks on what to do better.

Gig #1:
Gig #2:


One of your Gigs has an odd address (…/mark_ed/create-a-wordpress-website-c9e5).
Since the URL is not editable you may need to recreate the Gig.

I read honesty in your words. Probably you need to rephrase these two sentences, not to sugar-coat the reality but to explain the concept better without hurting yourself.

I am not good with JavaScript / PHP So I will NOT use those 2 things.

Send me a message before you place an order, so the bug I need to fix is not too hard for me as I have my limits.

You are in a field that I dare to define overcrowded, the competition is fierce.


Thanks, I will recreate the gig and rephrase the 2 sentences you said. And yeah I noticed that Wordpress is very competitive, I am learning some new stuff, although I am taking my time for that since I have a lot going on right now.

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This is weird, I don’t see this in my description.


See below your profile…

Good luck! :netherlands:


Oh wow… I see it now, thank you… completely looked over it.

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To add to what @pacquo said
I wouldn’t add this in the profile either

16 Year old Male who would like to earn some money on the side

What’s the value to a business owner here?
You also say that you can build websites fast and nice. Do the customers want a nice website or a website that will become their revenue stream?

Secondly, instead of stock photos, why don’t you showcase your work in the portfolio?

Also, your packages are a bit confusing. Why would a company order 2 pages?
If you wish to build landing pages then create a separate gig for it. Most customers know if they need a landing page or a full website. Offering just 2 pages is a bit odd.

You’re offering unlimited revisions. Why?
There are plenty of scammers who would love to abuse that option. A genuine customer doesn’t want unlimited revisions, he/she wants to get the job done with minimal revisions.

Start with these and then continue with UPYOUR posts


I think you should make your own topic under Improve my Gig if you want people to take a look at it :slight_smile:


I am going to say something that may sound a little bit rough, but it’s how customers are going to view you.

You are a 16 year old, and look like one in your profile picture. Most of the people who will need a website created or fixed are business owners, and I highly doubt most will be willing to shell out upwards of 100 dollars on a teenager to create them a website, especially if the gig is something as easy to do as creating a free Wordpress website.

I own two paid and hosted Wordpress websites, and putting them together with plugins and pages only really takes a couple of hours max, as everything is really done for you (Not even taking into account content creation), so you will have to convince your customers why they should go to you instead of doing it themselves, and since you are a teenager, chances are, you don’t really have many years of experience in your belt with many professional Wordpress developers would, so it would be hard for you to compete.

Looking at what you offer,

“Responsive design (desktop, tablet, mobile).
Fully functional
SEO Friendly
Contact form with an automated message ( If needed )
Effective Tags usage for SEO.”

These are really easy to implement plugins, etc (SEO by Yoast, Contact Form 7) that all you have to do is download than upload, some not even needing that. Responsive designs and being fully functional are things free Wordpress themes automatically come with, and free Wordpress itself is naturally SEO friendly, as it takes care of most SEO for you. So you will have to show why I should spend 100$ on you, and not just do it myself in a couple of hours. ESPECIALLY if you are not offering domain names or hosting.

You seem like a nice kid, and you are probably trying to earn some extra money, which is fine. I did the same thing when I was 18, writing for content farms, etc. However, you should realize that Fiverr is full of strict competition, and a lot of people will do exactly what you are currently offering for free, with the added extras costing money, like domain names, hosting, ad placements, algorithms, etc.



Thanks for the honest opinion, I will check this out when I get home… I get that I am only 16 but I should not be seen as one, I did many REAL project in school that come through school and get sent to our Project group to work on it, Maybe I should add this to my description?. And regarding the profile picture that is true, I look like a 16 year old.

Again, Thanks for the honest opinion.

Kind regards,


Definitely add these projects you mentioned. If you can find a way to implement them into a porfolio, that will help you tons. I would suggest you get a closer, more headshot looking profile picture. If buyers can actually see you, and you present yourself as a friendly albeit young professional this will help how buyers see you a lot.


You are sixteen and it’s correct to see you as you are; your picture is fine.


You’re welcome. And I am not saying that since you are a 16 year old that you aren’t good at what you do, you probably are. I have seen many talented teenagers. However, the public is fickle, and it is best to understand consumer psychology when operating any business.

And definitely add your projects that you did, although I would not include the fact that they were school projects. Also, a good thing that may help is changing your profile picture to your company logo, that way you can avoid the stigma altogether through omission.


Thanks for the motivation, I will try to get a business logo made.

Kind regards,