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Gigs are not showing in online sellers!

Hey there!

I am a processional writer, with a level 2 badge. I am writing to ask about a recent bug that has made fiver collapse. It has been seven days but my gigs, in the category of article and blog posts, and creative writing, are not showing in online sellers. I have been searching for online sellers also, but only 90 sellers are showing online, no top sellers at all, just some random gigs. 7 days ago my gigs were visible in the top 10 but now they are nowhere to be found. Can anyone tell me whether they are experiencing similar issues? When do you think fiver will return to normal?

Although your gig might have problems in search, it probably is not a big. Competition is extremely high and many sellers are rotating the the bottom. If you have any problems with gig or profile, you might not show in search. All sellers need to remember that search is not guaranteed for anyone. There is no “normal.”

That said, you could contact CS to ask if your gigs were dropped on purpose or if it was a mistake. Your best bet is to work on your tags, keywords and promotions. Outside promotion can bring sales which brings buyers and reviews. More buyers and more positive reviews has potential to move you up in search, unless you were dropped for a reason.

me too the same problem :confused: