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Gigs are not showing in the search result after few edits


I have made few changes on my best selling gig few days ago and it was at the first page on search results. Now I can’t find my gig in the search results also informed to the cs. What I can do for this ?


Hello i have been there also. I believe that if the changes you made are for impoving your gig then your gig will go up again but give it a little time. My best selling gig reached high again really soon.

Maria S.


What you can do? Wait a answer from CS.


The science is, if your gig is showing on the first page, DONT TOUCH IT.
Its on the first page, what else do you want? :slight_smile:


If you change the description then the position can be down but if you change the title then gig will be disappear and if you change the image it will go to the almost last page. (From my experience) . So when it is on search page , do not touch it… You can change the description.Changing description can increase the ranking .It has possibility…

Hope your gig will be back on search page


This certainly isn’t true, after any changes I think the gig goes under review for a certain amount of time.


I do not think so . Because I have updated my gigs many times. My one gig was first page in search category.Sometime its rank goes higher sometimes lower for changing description or pricing but when I have changed the picture then It goes to last page. :sob: . And When I have changed that it take maximum 1-10 minute for review…Sometime no review time.


But you know 80% Fiverr algorithm :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding dude. Just ping your gig link.


That is the effects of unknown 20%. :joy: . You can see the web & mobile design category …


Now this is absolutely wrong step while editing your best selling gig ! I mean this is not make any sense, though you’re getting orders & fiverr marks that as best gig.
Yess you can edit only those, not getting any order or not showing in search result by improving gig tag, description etc.Generally It’s make an long time, taking effect to show up your gig after modifying gig seo & search result may not always give you good results.