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Gigs are not visible on any page but are active

Hi Folks,
I am stuck in a issue, please share your knowledge.

My GIGs were on the first page for 20 days and i was getting orders daily, delivering the orders daily and getting the 5 start reviews on daily basis. But suddenly my gigs are invisible. GIGs are not even on 20th page.

I updated the gig’s description and title but gigs are still invisible.

Please share your knowledge what is wrong, why fiverr doing this? How updated algorithm is working.


May be because you have made some changes in gig


you can go to this link and check the gig status

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Your gig may still show you active but some time they are actually not…

Did you try using filters to see if your gig is there ?
Try multiple filters like - your level - Online - language etc and you may find your gig !

If you don’t…
Go to link that @purplecgraphics gave you and open ticket to CS - ask to reindex your gig, that will make your gig available back to result !

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Yes, i tried it.
But it s not working.
Fiverr CS are not replying.

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Yes, but it should be visible after 24 hours.


Thanks for the link. Status is active but doesn’t appear in search results.

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CS takes time to reply to these tickets since they are NOT high priority.

what did u change in ur gig? image or descriptions…whatever u did causing this. i simply advise u to put it in the way how it was. undo the things u did if you are in a hurry … if not wait till arond 7-10 days CS replies :slight_smile:

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Gig was not in search results and i realized something is wrong then after i updated it.

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this happens. undo bro.

I edited the gig again made same as it was.

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Gigs are being rotated in search so others can get a chance to be on the first page and get orders, too.

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My friend, I have the same problem. Despite the fact that I sent videos, screenshots, etc. to CS, the answer from them was always the same - your gig is active, it shows and everything is just fine)). Soon 2 months of my expectation is approaching). All the comments about the “secret system” and “rotation of gigs” are complete nonsense, since during all my time of observation and search - the positions of other gigs have not changed dramatically (one line down or up, at most on the page). Here are the things.


Search for “gig lost rank” on the forum.
You’ll find there’s already many topics about this.
Fiverr’s gig position are not guaranteed!

Just a great excuse not to fix bugs / glitches of the site or “system”. Well, in this case, you can also cancel the levels of sellers, since there are no guarantees))).

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Dear i am also facing the same issue from 2 months

I have same issues, my gig was first page and suddenly it disappeared and my gig isn’t even indexed in fiverr search. I have submitted ticket but i didn’t get human response from fiverr CS.
So how can i fix it :disappointed_relieved:

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It seems fiverr bug many good seller who has gig ranked and more order are getting that same issues. If you check fiverr forum you’ll see many seller are talking about that… :neutral_face:
Hope fiverr will fix that issues.

i have same problem too

There is nothing we can do our self…you have to wait for fiver CS person to re index it…