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Gigs are now listed as Average price

When I type in my gig into the searches, I am now being shown the AVERAGE price rather than the actual price of the basic gig.
How do I revert back? This will turn off customers. Not many people are willing to spend that much on readings. This kind of stuff is messing with my business! Smh


Perhaps you are part of a test group for that “average price” format. On my end, I still see the “starting at price” format.

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Yes that is not a good idea at all. Some will think omg I paid way more than that, I want a refund.

Others will think I must get it for less than the average to get a good deal.

It seems obvious you do not want to be announcing to all what the average price is because no one is going to be happy. Not the ones who paid more especially. Great way to discourage the high priced sales.

Also a great way to discourage those who don’t want to spend as much— it’s a turn off to almost everyone to see that.

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Did you favorite :heart: your own gig? :neutral_face:


That’s not good at all. You should contact support and get this changed back as soon as possible. It may put you at a competitive disadvantage. Not good.

I don’t think that will be the case for one reason - the average price shown will be across all the “tiers” of your gig. For example, if you have a gig at $5, $10, and $15, plus half your customers take a $5 add on, the average price comes to about $11. People who pay $5 or $10 will think they are getting a good deal, while those who pay $15 will understand they are paying top tier.

I am certain Fiverr is testing this format before rolling it out, and will not introduce a price change that reduces sales, so let’s wait and see what happens.

Average price should be only visible for sellers, i really don’t like how they are trying to accommodate Pro Sellers prices by giving an average selling price of regular sellers which could be higher than 5$ or 10$ in order to avoid the big gap on prices between pro and regular sellers. This will affect directly regular sellers on this platform. I don’t have anything in personal with Pro Sellers, I respect each of you guys, but i did mention that the way they are trying to incorporate those sellers on marketplace isn’t fair at all. We have worked a lot here, have helped this platform grow same as how this platform has given us the opportunity to grow, and we are very happy with the platform itself, but not really happy with the on-going changes that are affecting regular sellers here.
I know that this may be just a test, so let’s wait and see. Paul, i wanted to let you know that i really like your posts on forum, you are one of the few pro sellers who post regularly on forum and keep us updated, my post is about the on-going changes that are happening here on Fiverr lately.



LMAO yeah I’m so cocky

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I’m 5th row making only 1k a month I think I’m already at a disadvantage lol. Fiverr screwed me over big time these past few months smh


Not everyone is seeing average price (for example, I am not). This is likely a “split test” and they are experimenting to gather data so they know the impact it has on sales and revenue.

My price spread is $5 to over $200. It is subjective. Buyers are not too rational in my category. They see first and foremost the price. It’s on 98% of gigs:

“starting at $5”. They are skimming across lines of gigs in a fast manner.

Their eyes do not come to rest on any prices higher than that “starting at $5”.

I really hope you’re right about that. They never did any split test before they unleashed the “packages” concept. It seemed like a good idea so it was implemented.

I don’t see them as average price on my end,

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately what the other fellow sellers are complaining about is certainly affecting their orders and views rate. It did mine! I had more than 100 orders a month for my translation gig, now it’s down to 33 since they implemented this change. And i discovered it by chance. The policy that made Fiverr successful it’s in his name “Five -rr”. If you apply on the show a price higher than that you will limit the 90% of customers who are looking for small jobs at the reasonable price of 5$. Unfortunately i complained about the feature, and they answered it’s a test feature, and may not stay like that. In the meantime since i live and provide for my family with Fiverr since i lost my job, this two months of their test, have plunged us in despair!

It looks like the avergae thing has gone for the moment (I never actually saw it - all I saw was ‘starting at’).

I hope things pick up for you soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for letting me know, i will check too!

No problem - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think things can be really different in some categories.
I sell listings in french for Amazon, Cdiscount… My prices are between $10 and $40. Some of my clients have bought more than 5 listings at once (that means 200$ or $300). So, the average price is $56. Do you think this is a good idea to show this price whereas my average price per listing is between 20 and 30$ ?
The difference isn’t 5 dollars in this case. It’s the double !

I have another gig for which I had only 1 client. He bought 28 works, that means more that $350 in a single order. Do you think it would be intelligent to write “average $350” whereas the starting price is 15$ ?!

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Yes, they have disappeared for me too. Hope they are in the bin forever…


Mine are still in my gigs ugh

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