Gigs are vanished! after I have changed the images! Still cannot see them!



Here is my profile!

Gig images look nice, right? I know! That’s why I have changed them. But here comes the problem. All the gigs just despaired after I changed the images.

I though it was simple (as I know it happens generally) But almost 20 hours gone and still nothing! None of my gigs are being shown in the Fiverr search. I have contacted the support and they are sending this ticket to the editorial team for review.

What was the logic behind that? I can guarantee the images were not copied from anywhere. They didn’t even ask me about that. Their system has done some fault and I am suffering from it.

Is it something happened with anyone? What was your experience? How did you solve that? What should I do now? Any suggestions?



I have just seen the news! Fiverr is doing some experiment on search algorithm. Maybe that’s the reason I am facing some problem with it. :expressionless: