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Gigs aren´t going well - what to improve?

I completed my first order about one and a half week ago. I got the job by offering my gig to a buyer request. Since then nothing much happend. I got some more clicks but no orders or even messages/replies to buyer requests.
I would be very grateful if someone experienced could take a quick look over my gigs and tell me what needs to be improved.

Kind regards!



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I’ve checked two of yours (I’m actually secretly interested in one of them :wink: :wink: ) but to give a brief summary:
C# gig, it is very well made. I think the only thing you could benefit from, is to create a short video to deliver visually an idea why people would not only want to learn C# but also from you!

As for your IT solutions gig, I’d say - give more description to it. As in, what kind of issues you are capable to deal with. Very often, clients don’t even know what they need. So when they begin to read through your skill set, they might be like: “Oh, this is what I need!”. Because some of them can’t see sharp anyway.

Anyhow, good luck in your journey! I see you’ve only started your long adventure on Fiverr. First and foremost rule - don’t give up. Give it some time to blossom.


Thanks for your honest feedback! The idea with the video is great, I will get some ideas for it and do one in the next few days. I will overthink the other gig too and look how I can describe it more precisely.

If you are seriously interested in one just write me a message, so you can tell me what you exactly need and expect.