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Gigs automatically pausing

I’m currently unable to work on my fiverr due to other work loads. So due to constant inactivity I received this email that my gig would be paused soon. So what does it mean? and what effect does it have on my account and rating and clients? And how should I resume my paused gig. Also, why does fiverr not allow to work on other freelancing platforms in a single system?


yes .fiverr not allow to work on other freelancing platforms.

If you go to Switch to Selling, then Gigs and Paused at the top of the page you should be able to Activate them.


What if 1 need to work on other platform like *****[Other marketplace]. The thing is I want an account on *****[Other marketplace] dedicated for content writing and one on fiverr for WordPress related freelancing. Is there any solution to this problem. Can I run the same google account but on two different laptops for different platforms or should I create a separate google account for the content writing services?

thanks you for your suggest

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