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Gigs average price


Hello guys
I noticed average prices for gigs today

I calculated and i think that these are average selling prices
as long as when i counted gig 3 packs average was lower

I really don’t think that this is a good idea because a lot of people are looking for cheap services
So if i sold 100$ services most and custom offers 200+ last month then prices will be shown about 80$+ instead of 5$ or 10$
So what is the point of this option?

What happen to my account? different starting base price as you preview on one of my gig?

Where is that showing? I can’t seem to locate it in any category from my end. I agree, it seems fairly pointless. The majority of my clients buy the premium package, but why would people looking for the basic package need to know an overall gig average?


You are right
I see average prices on the 1st page and also in all categories too i think
This screenshot is from category of explainer videos

I have explored AVERAGE 412$ gig
and Premium packs price is 350$, so custom orders price is included in average price too!


Oh, strange. It’s not showing for everyone. I still see the ‘starting from’ pricing.


This is possibly the very worst idea yet. Way to turn off buyers fiverr.

Why would anyone think this is a good idea? I have buyers in every price range and all of them are going to be upset to see what the “average” price is.


I am agree with you.
This is why i opened this topic


It looks like Fiverr is trying to find a creative way to have less “$5” and “$10” in their gig listings. They created their Fiverr Pro service, which features high prices for some of the listed gigs. I imagine they want to have the rest of the listed gigs appear more valuable as well. One way to achieve this impression (without changing more gig rules) is to go with average price listings. The average prices will almost always be higher than $5 or $10, therefore, Fiverr’s gig listings will appear higher to someone searching the site.


So my high priced buyers are going to now feel like suckers. Great, thanks fiverr.:thumbsdown:

And my buyers who can’t spend much are going to pass my gigs over if they see that it’s above their budget. :frowning2:

Are they trying to kill sales deliberately?


In the best case, this must be optional


They must think about it before
When they listing PRO gig with 300 word article writting for a price 100-500$ this will cause them no sales of course
Even BBC journalists have lower rates for content writting then PRO sellers here
So increasing whole fiverrs average prices is not good idea i think


Your best seller gig
I Will Cast A Love Spell On The Person Of Your Choice
Average price is now 53$
When you have only one price inside 5$ :slight_smile:


I don’t see that.


I can’t see that and hope that my buyers also will not be able to see them in future as calculating the average is not a good idea at all…The average of the top sellers will be high and also this is not something any buyer want to know.


I hope that was a one time glitch and they don’t think it’s a good idea to make it permanent or my buyers who spent a lot more than average will be furious at me. No one will ever want to spend more than average.

Please think before you act fiverr.


Why? They’re happy to spend more than the current ‘starting price’, why would an alteration to ‘average’ but people off spending more?


I wouldn’t like to see that most people spend around $10 but the seller is quoting me a price of $125. Would you?

Or that most people are paying around $10 but I have been paying $175?


It depends on the service, surely the offering isn’t the same at the $10 and $125 price points?

I’m genuinely just curious about if buyers would be bothered by ‘average price’ more than ‘starting price’, I don’t know that I would be. If there were a selection of services on offer, I would just assume others chose a lesser option, as with the starting price.


Try to think in terms of buyer psychology. Others are paying $10 for a gig and you are paying $175 for the same gig. Or have been paying that amount every other month for the past year, assuming that it is what it costs everyone.

Then one day to your utter shock and anger, you see the average price has been $10.

You cannot assume that others are getting lesser services. You see that average price of $10 and see that it is the AVERAGE. But you have been paying 19 times that much.

If you don’t get it then I can’t explain it but I don’t want to be in the position of trying to justify to my buyers why they are paying so much more than the average.

Or have them ask me what they could get for $10, find out, and decide to get that instead.

Nor do I want to display to my competition what my average sale price is.


If you’re offering the same services for both $10 and $175, I completely see why buyers would be frustrated. What I don’t understand, is why they wouldn’t view the ‘starting price’ at $10, see that this is the service they’re getting, and be equally annoyed in that instance?

I’m in agreement that it’s a bad idea to display an average price, I had just assumed that services offered at higher price points would be entirely different to those offered at $5 or $10 across the board.


They can add average selling price in profiles
Not for all gigs that sellers are listing