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Gig's bad performance

Hello All,

My Gigs are not getting review, impression , order and clicks. whereas my profile is rate is 100% in all aspects (Response Rate, Delivered on Time, Order Completion, customer review).

Could any tell me the reason behind that and how to improve that too ?

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How do you know that you don’t have impressions if fiverr has a display problem and doesn’t shows your gig stats at all?

Its shows N/A just below of impression, views and orders so it means my gigs are not getting those all.

No, that’s not what it means. Did you read the orange banner on top of that page?

Yes, I am noticing that orange banner from many days. It means this is the common issue to all sellers. Am I right ?

I’m not sure how could you miss it because it’s a pinned topic on the forum right on top of yours.

Here you go a screenshot in case you were wondering. Why not to read it?

Ya I missed that. Thanks for sharing …