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GIGS clicks and Views decrease daily


Hello, Sir
First My Gig CLICKS and VIEWS were increased and arrow was green, but now arrow is RED and cLICKS and Views Decreasing daily…???
Waiting for your response… Thanks sir


it is normal, not everyone is going to see your gigs all the time for whatever your gigs are about.
Maybe visitors are looking at your competitors.


First CLICKS and views were Green and Arrow was UP
Now These are decreasing daily, and Arrow is Down,


see my previous comment.


Share with your gig on social media then you will get the impression for your gig which will help your gig ranking!


same here but i agree with @nahidbd21.its very effective.


Can u tell me names of some group on social media???@ nahidand
@socialshutter please


Can u tell me groups media??


Well, go to facebook and search fiverr gig advertise or something like other keywords.


Hello @nahidbd21,
As you have mentioned the gigs should be shared to various social links that will enhance the impressions of gigs. But I am little bit of confused here as I have continuously shared my gigs. The result was not fully in vain but because the sharing has increased my clicks,and views only! The impressions are staying the same as before. Because the person who has seen my gig link on different social platform just click the links and go to the gig directly. They don’t need to search my gigs on the search engine. As they don’t search it on search engine, the gigs are not showing on the searching page. So, how can a seller/buyer increase his impressions? Expecting of your kind reply. Thank you very much.


Thanks, it’s a nice comments. I like it…:heart_eyes:


Plz tell me that area of social media where u shared gigs… Please


Really sorry for my mistake. Actually, that was not impression that should be “view”.
But whether it impression or view that will helpful for gig ranking. :slight_smile:


Hey @s_engineer !! You need to share your Gigs on Social media sites such as Pinterest, Twitter & Google+ to increase your impression. The Social shares also help to increase ranking and sales.