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Gigs clicks/view red

#1 name is Tareq Muhith. I am a new seller in Fiverr.
I create 7gigs as per my skills. After creating my gigs I started gig promotion in social media but after 15days later my 4gigs click/view get red.
what should I do now to get this red into green?
Help needed pleaes…


That just means the clicks or views had gone down from the previous time period (e.g. if you’re looking at the past 30 days, it’s down from the previous month.)


yes, it’s down from the previous month


Well, it can’t always be up. It will go up and down, this is normal. Getting consistent good feedback to push you higher in the search results, keeping your gig up to date, constantly trying to improve your keywords and thumbnails, and continuing to promote your gig is the best way to keep improving your click rate. But don’t be disheartened if it goes down- it’s normal for there to be fluctuation.


thank you so much.your feedback help me to improve my gigs.
thanks again.