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Gigs constantly being automatically denied

My gigs are getting constantly denied, and I have no idea why. I have been continually changing, adding, and removing parts of the gig that my be against the terms of service. I am not sure what kind of automated service of verification is running, but it is denying my gig within 2 seconds. I have recently received my second warning, and is now being reviewed my trust and safety team. I have read the TOS multiple times, but I could not find any rule that I am violating. I could not find out what I was doing wrong, and all I revieved was a vague email about “you have made a general violation of the TOS”. Could I please find out what rule I am violating so I could fix it? Thank you for your patience.

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None of us have any insight into your account, or the actions Fiverr has taken against you. What service were you trying to sell?

never giveup bro…

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I was attempting to sell coins on a game called hypixel skyblock. They are constantly denying it, and I have recieved a warning.

If that service is constantly being denied, and you were warned not to offer that service, then why are you still trying to force that as a service on Fiverr? Fiverr is clearly informing you that that service is inappropriate, and they won’t allow it in their marketplace.

I recommend that you find another service to sell.

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I am trying to find out why it is instantly denying it, and what I can change for next time I create a service.

do you happen to know what type of automated system they have, and what is triggering it to believe that it is not a appropriate service for fiverr.

It says that it is violating the TOS, but I have no idea how it is. I have read it several times over.

Clearly, you do not have the legal right to sell elements of someone else’s game.

If it is constantly denying you and you say you want to know

you are obviously looking to put that gig on Fiverr in some way and get around the automated system. If you do and you have been warned, when Fiverr eventually see your gig you will face your account being removed. Stop attempting to get around an automated system that is there to protect buyers, sellers and Fiverr.