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Gigs currently NOT searchable by Tags, as per Fiverr Support

I inquired about my gigs not showing up in relevant search results for my keywords/tags, this is what I got…

"Our tech team let us know that at this time gigs are not searchable by their tags - sorry for the confusion with this! Unfortunately we don’t have an ETA on how soon gigs may become searchable by their tags again.

Thank you!:"

Now this is just plain bunk. Good news is they now have ‘Audio Portfolio’ ! :slight_smile: WHooHoo!


Me too

Same problem…Sometimes when I search keywords using fiverr mobile app my gigs appear under relevant keywords but not in the computer :frowning:

Reply to @inspiredtony: similar to live portfolio for video/graphics samples of work, there is now an audio version for voiceovers, drops, messaging, etc so now we don’t have to make a video version of it to have it in our portfolio as Fiverr has implemented audio only for the portfolio if just an audio file is delivered and not a video file.

what’s this audio portfolio stuff?

Same issues here…

I’m thinking this could be some how related to the new feature they were surveying a few days ago about paid advertisement on fiverr!

I thought I was been singled out. So this is a general issue. How do they plan on replacing it for us

Explains a lot, everything kind of lost steam sunday.

All’s quiet on the western front over here too! Very unusual for me!

after one negative review my best selling gigs are disappear from search result… :’(

Thank you for sharing with us!

last two weeks my order income is very low. so looks like this is the reason. thanks for your update…

Thank you, I never knew that, best wishes.

Maybe this is the reason why the number of orders dropped

Reply to @dtongsports: I usually go to bed and cannot wait till morning to see new messages. Usually none lately … But I got a few big ones instead fortunately. This is not a good way to begin with fiverr =] I just registered 1 month ago and now this.

Reply to @giangpiepie: More than likely. I always ask customer’s how they found me, and it’s usually searching keywords… :frowning:

Reply to @dtongsports: I usually have customers who just registered. Sometimes I wonder if they found my links outside fiverr.

About the tags, they are gonna fix it soon right? :frowning:

Hopefully. Tuesdays are usually a busy day for me and it’s super quiet… :frowning:

I was wondering about this as well, I am getting no views it’s like a cemetery (laughs) Thanks Angie