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Gig's de-ranked. Should I contact CS

Hi everyone,
Four of my gigs were ranked on different specific keywords. The impressions, clicks of all that gigs were good but last week the gigs disappear suddenly from 1st pages. I am worried about it, I don’t know what to do!

Should I contact CS?


Fiverr does not guarantee your gig any sort of specific placement. There is no need to contact CS about this.

From the Seller Help Center:

“A Gig’s position in the marketplace is based on seller performance over a set period of time. Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate on a daily basis. There are many factors to take into consideration, some of which may include order cancellations, delivery rate, responsiveness, etc. There may be other Gigs currently performing at a higher rate than yours. If other sellers are ranked higher, they may be consistently getting 5 stars, delivering on time, communicating quicker, etc. This all counts. Make sure you deliver high quality, original work, avoid late deliveries and cancellations, be responsive and always keep a professional manner.”


Thank you, I agree with you and I know about all this things. But I not did such kind of things which cause de-ranking and the main point is why all 4 gigs together?

As is described in what I just copied from the Seller Help Center for you:

Gigs can rotate on a daily basis, and there may be other gigs that are currently performing better than yours.

We cannot give you any more help than that. This is just how it is. None of us keep the exact same placement on search all the time.

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I suggest you research what algorithms are and how they work. They are by nature dynamic, not static.


I completely understand your frustration, but please do not contact Customer Support about this issue. This is the way rankings work. They fluctuate constantly. CS is totally overrun by tickets and all you would get in response is a blunt message reiterating what we’ve told you here.


I’ll try but I don’t think one know about that algorithms!

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So what you suggest me to do now?
How can I get my gigs positions back or better then that?

This question is asked approximately 20 billion times every day on the forums. I strongly recommend searching this topic in the forums to see what countless sellers more experienced than me can recommend. It’s a hustle though, there is no quick fix.


Do you think there is way through which I can get my position back?

Thanks for your time and valuable feedback!

Ohhh dear !!
I spend 2 years and after continuous hard work I reach this level, Some gigs become ranked, I get orders and become level 1. Now if I facing de-ranking problem and I don’t know what to do then I have no right to ask from seniors or experts?

of course there will be good people who willing to help others and suggest you what to do.

and Please if you can’t help someone then don’t say such kind of words too, you have no right to blame someone!

I don’t know what this means.

By the way that isn’t a secret about algorithms. That’s what they are and how they work.

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You have been here 2 years yet you haven’t taught yourself how rankings work and think that it means you stay in one place.

Think about that. You are complaining about a system without having taken the time to learn and understand it. You are suggesting the system is broken without even knowing the basics about algorithms.

That would be like me calling Ford to complain my car isn’t working without having learned how to start the car.


No, I am not complaining about the system also if I do not know how gig ranking algorithm work then how I ranked 4 of my gigs?
But this time the scenario is different suddenly 4 gigs de-ranked, I shocked and become confused that what I did and how this is possible.

The forum isn’t a substitute for research. I know how algorithms work because I researched. You can do the same.

Because it isn’t governed by your activity as a seller. Anyone can “rank.” It doesn’t mean they understand how algorithms work.

You wanted to contact CS because you moved in the ranking. So no, you don’t get it.


None of us know how this algorithm works and even if we did most of the factors are out of our control.

No company would make it possible to figure out their algorithm because then other companies would steal or exploit it.

I said I know how algorithms work in general.


Can you share that ?

No. Please look it up.

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Hmmm, As you want :slight_smile: