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Gigs deindexed (it looks that way)

I have been a seller for ~5 years now on fiverr and couple of months ago my performance dropped (got late on few gigs) so I lost my seller level status and business came to grinding halt.

New inquiries dropped from 5-10 a day to 0 in a month.

But now my performance is back (timely deliveries, response rate, order completion, etc) but my gigs are still not showing up.

I am not saying that my gigs are not showing up on 1st page. I understand that the algorithm will decide who to rank where and probably changes from time to time but…

…I can’t find my gig anywhere.

So I looked up in relevant category of my gig and applied my country filter to it and I can see there are 9 pages of gigs and mine isn’t on any page.

I will be happy if it was last gig on last page. So my question is not about ranking but the fact that it is not available anywhere.

So here is the url for my gig sub category with my country filter (India)

and this is my gig -

The gig is active when we visit the direct link but it is not showing up anywhere in appropriate category, let alone any search.

And this is the case with all of my gigs.

I have been trying to explain this to fiverr support and all I have been getting in reply is that the gig is active and they can see it.

Which I never argued, yes, it is active when clicked on direct url but it not showing up in any relavant category and search (again, I don’t mind last spot on last page but it’s no even there.)

What should I do?

Thank you guys.