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Gigs Deleted, and Bad Impression and not receiving order

Hello Everyone,

Few months back, my Best Seller GIG was deleted by fiverr, and with deletion of the gig, i am not receiving any order because of my impression is getting worse day by day, viewes are also not very low. I really need help of you guys that how can i increase my impression and get more order.

Thank you in advance.

Try change keywords ! put best searching keywords :blush:

Thank you for advice, but i tried changing the keywords but still no help. Can someone look at my profile and give me some suggestions. I will be really glad.


Your recent delivery was 1 day ago and you have an order in the queue so business seems to, be picking up.

Check this out: for how to get more orders.

Actually that is a very old client, and i am having order from that client only. No new order.

There are a couple of things I would change in your case:

  1. The descriptions. You have descriptions with very few details in them. This is bad for buyers and search engine. They need to have much more details and to look better.

  2. Use better gig images. Your images are kind of boring/generic. You need something custom made to make you stand out and attract people.

  3. Post to the buyer’s request every day. Nothing else to add here. Be active in finding your clients.

You don’t have to overcomplicate it. These 3 things alone has helped me in times when I had low views and no orders. Consistency is the key! There’s no other magic formula. Good luck :slight_smile:

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If you have some previous clients which were attached with you previously than again massage them and invite them to your new Gig, Thanks!