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Gigs deletion / removal


I’ve seen a couple of rantings by sellers leaving Fiverr because their gigs were removed/deleted by the mods. I’m so sorry this happened to them.

However, IMHO, mods should have ‘contacted’ the affected sellers and issue a ‘warning’ email/notification prior to deleting their gigs. This will give an ample time for them to change/alter/edit their gigs so that it doesn’t violate the TOS. Deleting/removing without any warning is a bit cruel in my opinion [-X


Or at least give a chance to make a final screen-shot with stata from “good old days”. Can use this SH later in future gigs as the work sample, to show prospective buyers that you’ve been serving more people than it seems now.


Happened with me. it was my main gig. I had 70 thumbs up but now… So now on Level 2 with no feedback…


Most people do not read TOS and then get called out later for not reading them when they get violated. A warning is definitely a good thing.


May be a lot more work which would cost manpower and subjectivity. Hard to manage that but I totally get it. Maybe they could remove with some sort of grace period for correction without deleting.


Reply to @lparziale: Could they not just suspend the gig with a message stating the reason and that their gig will be reviewed for approval once so and so changes are made? Or something like that instead of completely deleting it?


Reply to @prohelper27: Suspending the gig first sounds like a good idea, but they’re are sellers who are blatantly violating the TOS.