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Gigs denied by fiverr

After i made to level one seller and had around 20 orders, my impressions clicks and views just stopped, orders too.

I wrote to fiverr support and they told me that my gig is not on their editorial focus, that they can order my gig in my profile but nobody is able to see my gigs in search result.

After i asked why my gig was all ok, and why happened this, a supporter called “Ana” just decided to denied my gigs and pushing me to create new ones. Similar gigs as mine are all good on search result, why only mine can’t be there.

Where should i address anywhere else to help me cuz this one is not helping ??

Yes that’s what i offered, but if u do a search in fiverr u can see a dozen of that kind of offers here.

Reply to @kjblynx: I think that this may not be the reason because i received email from fiverr saying that my gig is in wrong category/subcategory (which is not true) and i should check other gigs too see where mine belongs.

After that supporter “Ana” told me that my gig can be ordered in my profile but can’t be found on search results when i asked for the reasons i received this email.

Here doesn’t say that I’m doing something that i shouldn’t.