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Gigs Denied Fiverr Teams habit

Fiverr have not any proper guidelines, Some time gigs active and some time gig denied and

do not search your gigs fiverr search box.

i asked customer service…Why my gigs denied and not found fiverr search box?..

he say after 30 days you contact with customer service… what do i now???

There are a number of reasons a gig might be denied on Fiverr. It seems like gigs that may violate another website’s terms of use may get denied, as will gigs that could violate copyright laws.

My suggestion would be to tweak your gigs to make sure they don’t violate any site’s TOS or copyright, make sure the gigs you’re creating aren’t too similar to other gigs you already have up, make sure they’re not a direct copy of another gig on Fiverr, make sure your images are original, and try again. Sometimes it seems like it can be hit or miss.

Main cause, my gigs not found in search box. so selling now stop.

please tell me how many days waiting for gigs found in search box??