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GIGS DENIED(Urgent help needed)

I have never thought that I will be facing this time. I am a seller too on fiverr, I read the message in jungle and dance after reading it. Yesterday night out of my 7 gigs fiverr denied suddenly my 5 gigs. I don’t why they are not even telling it. I had a huge traffic gig among the 5 gigs. My head is paining too much after the incident. I am a level 2 seller so I have been working here for a long time suddenly after so many days they denied my gigs. Can you tell me what should I do? I contacted them,firstly they replied saying those gigs are inappropriate and are no longer need in this marketplace. I don’t understand what are they trying to say, I have never violated any terms and policy of the website. Is it the word “jungle” or small musics that I use on my orders or sometimes I have to share the completed order through google drive to the seller which the customer service said ok, now is it for that? They were not replying but after sending a lot of mails they said they are closing this section of fiverr “your message on” which shook me badly. I made 1 new gig today but I am scared to publish that gig as Fiverr may deny the new gig and my remaining 2 gigs too.What should I do?

1st gig–I search the message read it and then dance with a bollywood music
2nd gig---- i walk in the jungle,see the camera,spin around until i feel dizzy , with dizziness I may fall while trying to grab the message from a tree and read it
others are too quite similar ,


Does your service have good sales?

Read this post.


Yes it had great sale

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Yes but I just want to know why it got denied ? why it is inappropriate so that I don’t do anything like that in future gigs

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If you need clarification get in touch with Customer Support. I’m not Fiverr staff, so therefore I cannot give you the answers that you seek.


I read the link you provided. So 1 question will the "your message on " part be removed?

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This is the chap to ask:


Again, start working on submitting a ticket, then insert these questions.
Fiverr denied your GIGS, now is the time to start thinking about other niches.

In fact,

Take advantage of this people if you are affected.


I’m so sorry this happened to you!
Fiverr is closing down gigs that show a sign. Maybe you can find something else to make a gig about.

I do wish you good luck and hope that you can figure out something else to sell!


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